Saturday, February 20, 2010

A big part of the joy of collecting would be missing if one were never to see the acquired treasure on display. I not only love selling and collecting but also displaying. There are a plethora of ways to display antiques and collectibles. One of the intents of this blog is to encourage collecting and to share some of these decorating and displaying ideas that we have garnered over the years. Some of these ideas will use groupings of like kind, era, syle,color, and medium while others will show how various objects can be successfully combined. Collections and displays will vary in size from a single shelf to whole rooms thanks to the participation of family, friends, and colleagues. Our goal is to inspire readers to make the most of their treasures and to encourage the passion of collecting for future generations to come.


This room is an eclectic mix of objects and eras from Victorian to retro French Provincial from cast metal to art glass. The framed artwork of R. Atkinson Fox and Hermann Rudisuhli mingle with Asti and Bradshaw Crandell. A retro wall mirror curio is adorned with old Czech & Austrian floral vases, Lefton birds, and Fenton hobnail candlesticks.

French Provincial end tables tie in with the French Provincial curio cabinet which is full of carnival, Fenton, slag, and vaseline glass of all ages, colors, and shapes. Throw pillows on the couches in vibrant shades pick up their subdued complements in the wool floor rug. The graceful lines of a Victorian etagere curio provides a display for antique silver, more floral vases and glass, Irish Belleek, and an Art Nouveau mirrored lamp. Clinging roses surround a modern bookcase which is host to antique books, a mechanical music box, and an unromantic but necessary stereosystem.

The mantel combines porcelain, pottery, and metal objects in its Art Deco motion lamp, Victorian portrait ewer, Art Nouveau clock, and vintage Irish Belleek. Frog princes and sweet bunnies scattered throughout the room add a touch of whimsy. The owner states this room is still a work in progress as the collection grows and the thrill of the hunt continues!