Sunday, May 23, 2010


Deep green Beryl or the Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May. Emerald is the most famous and valuable of the Beryls. This lovely gemstone symbolizes life, fidelity, love, nature, and springtime. Treasured by Cleopatra and adored by the Romanovs for its beauty - this vibrant gem is rich in history!

The early Egyptians and Aztecs regarded it as a holy stone. Ancient works in India proclaimed it as a bringer of luck and health. Violence and mystery surrounded the removal of quantities of Emeralds as Cortes plundered Montezuma's treasures which found their way into the courts of Europe. Royalty for centuries from shahs to maharajahs to kings and queens have sought them to add to their jewelry and to their royal coffers. Crowns, tiaras, burial masks, scepters, and statuary glowed with their verdancy.

Today, Colombia and Brazil are the most popular sources though the first Emeralds were mined in Egypt. Deep, velvety green stones are more sought after than their paler counterparts. Emeralds are typically flawed with cracks and inclusions so color is the most important factor when choosing an Emerald. Jewelers know this as well so one must be aware of synthetics, fakes, and oiling enhanced with color.

The Emerald is certainly one of my favorite gemstones second only to the Opal in my books. The lure of their verdant green is hard to resist. Below are some world famous Emeralds, and a few that Backwoods Treasure currently has for sale.

Diamond Emerald Tiara from collection of Queen Elizabeth II

Angelina Jolie’s Emeralds

86CT Emerald Necklace & Earrings Harry Winston Inc.

Faberge Emerald Cabochon Sapphire Diamond Ring

Emerald Opal Cluster Ring

Emerald Diamond 14K Ring

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